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This game was made for the My First Game Jam: Winter, and was completed in a two week period only released on Windows. In Milkman of the Milky Way you play as a milkman who delivers milk to planets in our solar system, but some planets require the space suit as they have no breathable oxygen. Each planet has an either large or small colony as it is set in the future.


W: Move forwards

S: Move Backwards

A: Rotate Left

D: Rotate Right

X: Emergency Brake

M: Turn on and off Music

F: Interact

Interact with the circle with Milk written on it to open up the shop and jobs. Click on an item in a shop to buy it with enough credits, and click on a planet in jobs to get a waypoint to that planet and earn credits by delivering milk. Watch out for asteroids as they will harm your ship.


Milkman of the Milky Way.exe 3 MB

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